Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Embroidery Hoop Decorations

A little update on the state of our Christmas tree!
For one, our tree is white. This was due to a lack of fullness in the greener tree choices.
Leah has made popcorn strings and tissue poms, and Ive made a few ornaments, including these embroidery hoop decorations.
To make these I chose fabrics I liked and pulled them tight through the is really that simple! and they look cute cute cute!

Our work in the hipster glasses...

- Bridget


One of the many fun things about moving house is the set up. We've taken a few snaps of how things are looking for you to see...

Our kitchen window sill. Amy gave us some jasmines.

Le front door. With pansies.

Leah's mama has lent us this neat picture.

Lauren had a woven wall hanging, we pinned some fun pictures to it.

Our sofa and wall above said sofa.


Leah's crown lynn plate clock.